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We work with business owners and businesses to turn your accounting and tax numbers into helpful insight.

Our business service solutions

We offer a range of services that fit your situation and needs.

Accounting is a journey

Filing tax returns, cleaning up books, and running payroll are all necessary for having a strong tax and accounting foundation. On their own, however, these foundational services don’t provide much information which means you're left figuring out the details.

We believe this needs to change and is why we’re building a stronger business model. As your accounting guide, we can help you stay on top of your tax and business needs by navigating the challenges as they occur.

Valuable Client Benefits

insight sessions

Review your taxes and gain insight from your finished return.

Training on
technology tools

Walkthroughs on technologies such as QuickBooks Online, Gusto, and Dext.

Setup of
your books

Two hours of QuickBooks Online and Dext setup are included with your onboarding.

A go-to
support team

We set you up with a dedicated team so you know who you're working with.

guidance and support

Work with us throughout the year and help keep more money in your pocket.

Support for
tax notices

We're available to help with any tax notices you receive.

Client industries

Industries our clients are in.

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive services
  • Construction contractors
  • Consulting
  • Educational services
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment and content creators
  • Independent contractors and freelancers
  • Medical services
  • Online commerce
  • Professional services
  • Real estate and rentals
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation and warehousing

Niches we serve

Want to learn more about the clients we serve?

Client Niches
technologies we use in our accounting process surrounding an 'X'

A user-friendly client experience.

Accounting should be easy to use, powerful, and accessible.

Our technology stack

Get your numbers to tell their story

Combine financial data with business insights to make more effective decisions and go deeper into your company.

Mobile phone showing accounting solutions

Modern accounting is here

  • We love technology.

    Thanks to technology, we no longer have to be tied down to desktop software, paper documents, or even a physical location.

  • A tool for success.

    As a driver of change, we believe technology to be a tool to utilize and embrace. We use it because it allows us to better-fit our clients’ lifestyle and needs with our own.

  • Hello world!

    When you combine cloud accounting services with our forward-thinking philosophies and processes, you have a firm that is ready and excited to meet the future.

Who we are

Still curious?

Accountants are a great resource for anybody and can help you better manage your unique situation. Having an accountant tend to your complex accounting and tax burdens will also help ensure you're not paying more in taxes than you should.

As your accountant, we can also be your go-to support team when making important decisions by providing insight behind the numbers. Free training sessions during your onboarding, tax insight sessions, and regular business guidance sessions will all help to increase your knowledge and get you more acquainted with your situation.

A key difference between a CPA firm and a tax preparation company is the education, licensure, and training requirements for each. Because of this, a CPA firm is able to provide additional guidance and support that unlicensed preparers cannot, including unlimited representation before the IRS for audit, payment, and collection issues.

Other advantages to working with our firm include minimizing your tax liability, access to additional tax planning services, and the ability to understand your tax situation better through tax insight and guidance sessions. For those with businesses, we're also able to provide ongoing bookkeeping, payroll, and business guidance services throughout the year. A good CPA will not only ensure your tax numbers are correct but will take you beyond the numbers and look at the big picture, helping you get to a better place than you were in before.

For individuals, we offer hourly rates, which means your invoice will be determined by the level and the complexity of the work involved. Higher levels of involvement from us mean a higher level of price commitment from you. Because of the uncertainty surrounding hourly billing, we are unable to give price estimates.

For businesses, we offer both hourly rates and 12-month Care Package subscriptions. Care Packages are built around your specific wants and needs and are similar to the monthly subscription model in which all your agreed-upon services for the year are included in one monthly price. They are designed around the idea that it's nice to have a known, fixed amount you're investing into your accounting services.

Before beginning your package, you will be presented with several different options. Each option is priced to take into account the value of services being received and the level of commitment you are willing to invest. When choosing a Care Package, you're choosing your price and your level of investment up front so that you're able to plan ahead and avoid unexpected fluctuations in your billings by paying the same amount each month.

We offer a range of services including:
  • Tax preparation for individuals and businesses
  • Tax planning and consulting
  • Monthly bookkeeping and accounting
  • Periodic cleanup of books
  • Payroll and reports
  • Sales tax support
  • Insight and guidance for business owners and their businesses
  • Remote support for all services
If you're interested in learning, open to change, and looking to work with a CPA, we're probably a good fit! But you shouldn't take our word for it, which is why we'll have a free value conversation before you become a client to discuss specific items related to your situation and how we can help. It will also give you a feel for what it’s like working with us and the areas we focus on. Once you become a client, we also provide free campfire and basic training sessions with your CPA so you can get started feeling comfortable and confident in your new firm.
No! Our clients are located in numerous locations across the state and the country, along with members of our staff. In fact, some of our largest clients are located outside of the Bozeman area. We are a remote firm and are able to work with our clients easily over the internet. We use QuickBooks Online, Zoom, Basecamp, and various other technologies to make working together online a breeze.

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